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Here we share real stories and knowledge. The goal is to create a network of professionals looking to grow their careers or business. Let’s drive into the future together through compassion, new found collaboration and fueling optimism.

Finding your personal brand.

There are many ways people are trying to explain personal brand. I find the most effective method is to listen, learn and share. We aren’t looking for a solution but rather a real relationship, and appreciation for our opinions.  All that you can do is share your story and the rest is up for interpretation. I’ve created this community to listen to the stories of our peers and those that struggle, love, hurt, and live just like we do. I really hope this can bring some real value to those looking to find themselves in this crazy world.


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Here you will find a variety of articles and content. I will be posting content related to Digital Marketing and the Bexar Media approach to Digital Marketing. We believe that in order to start to market yourself in any aspect of your life you must know yourself. What better way to learn yourself than relating to your peers? If you are interested in contributing stories or sharing your take on personal branding, self-awareness, promoting positivity message us because the Bexar Media Community would love to hear it. 

Featured Article

Sean Thomas
September 30th, 2019

I wake up every morning and the first words that come to mind are “thank you”. The phrase is directed at no object or individual, but rather unto the world around me. No matter what challenges the universe may be creating, this simple expression of gratitude allows me an opportunity to start the day positively.

This habit began after a string of events in 2017. After experiencing various health ailments, I found myself hospitalized for four days. The diagnosis was diabetes and my life was about to change forever. I was bewildered by this news and my lack of health insurance only created a sense of fear that I would succumb to the disease much quicker than most.

Jonathon Ortiz
September 30th, 2019

Where are you reading this? On a mobile device most likely or perhaps a desktop, right? Regardless of where you may be reading this you are getting information through a device with a screen. Think about how we learn so much from these devices and function as humans with these smart devices. Our generation has been exposed to arguably the greatest invention in history. The invention of the internet at our fingertips has opened up a can of worms that is the wild, wild internet.

Ilissa Davis
September 30th, 2019

Figuring out who you are as a brand and finding your own unique voice among a sea of hot-shots can be incredibly overwhelming. This can be especially true if you are just starting out and have a frightening amount of competition lurking in the depths of the media; competition that is established and trusted among your target audience. Your target audience that has yet to give your material the eyes and ears it deserves.  

Sean Thomas
October 14th, 2019

We live in a world dominated by social media. From the glory days of Myspace to the modern-day marvels of Twitter and Tik Tok, being on social media has been a driving force in expanding your “circle of influence”. Rather you choose to use social media platforms for business or pleasure, here are five reasons I believe social media is an important factor in creating personal image.

Sean Thomas
October 31st, 2019

Halloween origins date back thousands of years to the Celts. Holiday traditions such as trick-or-treating and costume parties were non-existent. However, the Celts eventually were overtaken by the Romans, the Romans could not prevent the spread of Christianity, and thus, the Halloween with creepy costumes, haunted houses and horrific “old-people candy” was created.

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