What is Bexar Media?

By Jonathon Ortiz - September 30th, 2019

Where are you reading this? On a mobile device most likely or perhaps a desktop, right? Regardless of where you may be reading this you are getting information through a device with a screen. Think about how we learn so much from these devices and function as humans with these smart devices. Our generation has been exposed to arguably the greatest invention in human history. The invention of the internet at our fingertips has opened up a can of worms that is the wild, wild internet. We are exposed to much more brands, much more hate, much more gossip and the list goes on.

Do you feel the internet is bad? 

Is it bad for our kids? 

These are the questions we ask now because we are seeing the repercussions of all this information, good or bad, flying so fast. How do we fight back the hate and the parts of this space that we don’t want? How do we stand out in this place that gives us the power to learn and grow? Bexar Media is on a mission to learn more and share how we adapt to today’s age. We are answering the questions of how to stand out as a brand while acknowledging the stigma the internet is creating or happiness its creating. Here at Bexar Media we ask “why?” to everything we are not sure of. We ask this to have an open mind to learn through empathy to reach a goal that we can all agree on. 

Digital Marketing

Oh and we offer Digital Marketing Services such as Web Design, Web Development, Social Media Management and Content Creation to name a few. All of these services are based with positivity in mind and empathy learning. We understand that talent and creative are crucial to success but also customer centric solutions must be formed with knowledge of the target audience. Bexar Media will work hard to make a difference one small business at a time.

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